Are you treating your feet right this summer? Here is the HEAL FOOT CLINIC shoe guide.

Which shoes will get your feet feeling great this summer?

Many people suffer from foot pain whether it is in your heel, arch or toes and believe it or not, the right footwear can make a painful foot a lot more comfortable.

Here we will outline what to look for in the perfect shoe!

Rigid sole

A sturdy shoe is important to provide a structured platform for your feet to rest on. Often foot pain can be caused by the joints in our feet moving too much or muscles having to work too hard, so by having a rigid sole that takes the strain, our feet don’t have too work as hard while standing and walking on them.

Arch support

Another common reason foot pain is a misalignment of bones and joints that could be caused by flat feet, high arches or rolling in of the ankle from its 'neutral' position (Excessive pronation). Having an arch in your footwear and not a flat shoe enables painful feet to be aligned into a more natural position reducing discomfort and helping to spread pressure more evenly across the foot. HEAL FOOT CLINIC could also provide supportive insoles if required.

Cushioned Insole

This one is fairly self-explanatory. A softer insole will help cushion and contribute to your foot’s natural fatty padding reducing shock and increasing comfort to the sole.


A camber is a bend at the front underside of the shoe that slops upward which helps creates a smooth walking motion meaning the toe joints have to do less work and are protected from excessive impact.


Yes! A heel on your shoe is not necessarily a bad thing. Anything up to about 2cms is actually ideal for your feet moving them into a more supportive position while weight bearing.


If you have painful feet then slip on shoes could almost certainly be adding to the problem as your toes have to grip causing tension throughout the foot and creating unnecessary stress. Laces or a fastening across the bridge of the foot allows the shoe to fit to the foot and also aid in supporting the structure of the foot. For sandals, a strap over the foot and behind the heel would be ideal.

Toe Box

Having suitable room at the front of the shoe is important to ensure your toes are not cramped helping to avoid excessive pressure which could over time aid deformity such as bunions or hammer toes which can be very painful.

A good shoe will not always solve your foot problems but often a bad shoe will cause you many! Book an appointment today with HEAL FOOT CLINIC to receive professional advice about footwear, insoles or other treatment to keep your feet happy and pain free.

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