HEAL FOOT CLINIC offers a number of different treatments designed to cover a whole range of foot and ankle pathologies ensuring you recieve the service you need no matter your condition.  If you feel your condition is not listed please ring and we can discuss possible options.

            Initial Assessment

                 Includes your treatment

                      All first time patients will require an assessment in order to review

                      relevant medical history, medication and undergo circulation status.

                      This includes your routine treatment.

            Routine Foot Care

                      Nail care

                      Corn removal

                      Hard Skin Debridement

                      Deformed Nails

                      Dry Skin

                      Painful Blisters

                      Diabetic care

                      Ingrowing nails

           Biomechanical Assessment

                 (Initial Consultation)

                      A full assessment of the lower limb and foot to determine any injury, deformity

                      or misalignment that may be causing you foot, ankle or leg pain


            This includes: Gait Analysis

                      This is where your walking will be observed to determine any issues

                      during your gait cycle.  This is performed out side as this ensures a

                      natural walking style to assess

              Verruca Treatment


                       Dry Needle Treatment with follow up appointment (includes debridement)

                       Caustic Therapy

              Diabetic foot Care

                        Diabetic Assessment

                        Diabetic advice

              Nail surgery

                        Removal of ingrowing or painful deformed nails

                        (Includes 2 follow up appointment and all required dressings)